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  In-Home Referral Caregiver  
24 hours care /7 days a week
  Duties are varied and individualized to each family
  • Companionship
  • Help in adjusting to changing lifestyle
  • Provide personal care
  • Plan and prepare nutritious meals
  • Provide medication reminders
  • Transport clients to locations outside the home
  • Run errands(scripts, groceries, hair dresser etc.)
  • Correspondence help
  • Light-housekeeping
  • Record daily care notes
  • Report significant client changes
  • All activities of daily living

Independent Care
Total  Dependence
Limited Care
Supervised Care


Five Levels & Two Types of Care
Prestige Personal Care is concerned about you, your health, and what’s best for your family. We do an in-depth evaluation of our client, giving you the correct level and type of care necessary for your loved  one. 
Companionship Referral Caregiver

Loneliness is a universal human emotion, yet it is both complex and unique to each individual. Loneliness has no single common cause, so the preventions and treatments for this damaging state of mind vary dramatically. Loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone and unwanted.
A lonely elderly person whose spouse has recently died has many varied needs. Who will cook and eat with them, do the laundry or house cleaning, change a lightbulb or find yard help. While these are basic, the greater need is simply having someone to talk to. People who are lonely often crave human contact, but their state of mind makes it more difficult to form connections with other people. PPC understand's this difficulty.
Our referred caregivers can provide this care, and much needed human contact in a loving manner. A few hours a day, as often as needed.