Independent Care
Extensive Care
Total  Dependence
Limited Care
 Supervised Care
​Prestige Personal Care referral coordinators use their expertise to match you with a referral caregiver who will meet, and strive to exceed, your expectations. We believe in the value of initial assessments and yearly evaluations of our clients and referred caregivers. You'll see that character and compassion matter!​
In-Home Referral Caregiver
24 hours,
 7on/7off or 3/4 split week

Duties are varied and individualized to each family
may include other ADL's
Help in adjusting to changing lifestyle
Provide personal care  
Plan and prepare nutritious meals 
Provide medication reminders 
Transport clients to locations outside the home
Run errands
 (prescriptions, groceries, hair dresser etc.)
Correspondence help
Record daily care notes 
Report significant client changes 
Downsizing or Bereavement Support
It's overwhelming to deal with a loved ones passing, then comes the undaunting task of settling the estate.
Prestige Personal Care is here to help with those task, with an complete plan that can be adjusted to your needs.
A lifetime of memories and possessions can be a daunting task for those who inherit. Here's where to find help when you're settling a parent's estate.